Surprising fine wines!

Wine, a beautiful and delicious product. However, it’s about a lot more than that with wine now... The total experience is increasingly becoming a decisive factor. In our opinion, wine is a unique story, packed into a bottle. A story that is about the people behind the product, (family) traditions and all the details that lead to that beautiful glass of wine. It was based on this idea that Vinoviccio was founded in 2015 as importer of fine Italian wines.

We mainly work with smaller (organic) wineries. True family businesses, which have been run by the same families for generations. You can taste the passion and love of these families in the wines, which we import directly and exclusively for the Dutch market. Over the course of the years, we have built close friendships with our Italian wine producers and we have also recently added a number of Portuguese, Spanish and South African wines to our collection.

We share that love for wine with our customers, primarily consisting of (catering) companies, restaurants, hotels, (private) yachts, sommeliers and other wine lovers. Our collection consists of a varied range of top-quality wines, with which we are able to serve the (premium) house wine, middle and upper price segments


Our winecollection